Since 2012



Established in 2012, Kazakhstani EPS is a UK subsidiary of EPS LP

The state license for the design, installation and commissioning of electrical systems in Kazakhstan was issued in August 2013.

Long-term relationships with customers in the Central Asian electricity sector, mining and oil and gas markets.


The company provides a comprehensive solution for the problems of energy supply to industrial consumers.

It is engaged in the supply of equipment for power supply, design and installation of integrated solutions, as well as after-sales service.

To implement the project, the most innovative developments of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical equipment are used. Thanks to this, maximum energy saving is achieved, as well as a decrease in negative environmental impact and a decrease in negative impact on the ecosystems of our planet.

For EPS, business is first and foremost a culture, therefore it is very important for us to follow the basic rules of business ethics

We actively participate in social, public and charity programs, develop staff in a professional and personal plan, strictly monitor the quality of the services and equipment provided.

Compliance with business ethics allows us to grow faster in the region, serving customers at a civilized world level, offering technical solutions for the future, even today!


Thanks to long-term partnerships with companies from all over the world, we offer the LATEST DEVELOPMENTS at a bargain price

The service package consists of a complete delivery cycle, from design and selection of components to commissioning and maintenance.