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Our company is a partner of many manufacturers, and supplies high-voltage and low-voltage equipment for block transformer substations (high frequency communications, telemechanics, operational direct current systems), and also fulfills all warranty obligations provided by manufacturers and provides installation control and after-sales service supplied equipment.

Switchgear 110kV and 220kV

Switchgears with air insulation 110 kV and 220 kV

Medium and low voltage switchgear 0.4 kV, 10 kV, 35 kV

Relay protection, substation automation


Cooperation with us is not only a guarantee of a reliable supply of high-quality equipment.

Before placing an order, we will carefully study the specifics of your company, find out every nuance up to the state of the soil and weather conditions on the spot, and prepare a comprehensive solution that will be as cost-effective and efficient as possible for your tasks.

We can also help you in obtaining all the necessary permits from government agencies.

After-sales service

It is not enough for us to just make a good project, deliver and install equipment. We are also responsible for the proper functioning of the solutions proposed and implemented by us.

Your one call and our specialists will visit the place to update or configure the equipment, as well as to repair, eliminate or prevent the occurrence of possible problems.

Installation supervision

Start up and commissioning

After-sales service