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EPS cooperation with world leaders in the field of electric power industry. Thanks to long-term and reliable partnerships with companies in Europe and Asia, we can say with confidence that we offer the highest quality equipment at a favorable price.

The service package consists of a full delivery cycle. Starting from the design and selection of components and ending with commissioning, service and post-warranty service.

Партнер ABB


ABB is a leading supplier of power equipment and technologies for the electric power industry and production automation.
Партнер alstom


Alstom is the only manufacturer of electric locomotives and switch drives in Central Asia.
Партнер benning


The world leader in the development of uninterruptible power supply systems.
Партнер eaton


Eaton offers customers a comprehensive approach to energy management, being a world leader in the production of equipment for quality assurance, distribution and power management
Партнер hager


The German company HAGER is a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of low-voltage electrical equipment, cable ducts and electrical installation products.
Партнер helukabel


HELUKABEL, a world-famous manufacturer of cable products. The company is engaged not only in the manufacture, but also in the design and supply of all types of cable products and components.
Партнер nexans


Adapted cable solutions for reliable and efficient mining.
Партнер roxtec


Roxtec products are designed to seal the passages of cables and pipelines in order to protect against a variety of hazards, including fire, water, gas, dust, vibrations, electromagnetic interference, pests and the risk of explosion.
Партнер siemens


Siemens AG is a German concern operating in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, power equipment, transport, medical equipment and lighting engineering.

Taikai Group Co., Ltd

Taikai Group Co., Ltd is a large enterprise for the research, development, production and supply of complete equipment for transmission and conversion of electricity up to 1000 kV. EPS has a service center on the territory of Kazakhstan.
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Обслуживание объектов EPS
Обслуживание объектов EPS

The company provides a comprehensive solution for the tasks of power supply to industrial consumers, is engaged in the supply of electrical equipment for power supply. Rendering of services of design and installation of complex solutions for power supply of customers, as well as service maintenance.

To implement the project, the latest developments of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical equipment that exist today are used. Thanks to this, better energy saving is achieved, reducing the negative impact on the environment. Based on this, the negative impact of human activity on the ecosystems of our planet is reduced.

For EPS, business is primarily a culture, so it is very important for us to follow the basic rules of business ethics. We actively participate in social, public and charitable programs, develop staff professionally and personally, strictly monitor the quality of services and equipment provided.

Compliance with business ethics allows us to grow faster in the field of customer service at a civilized global level, offering technical solutions of the future, even today!

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