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Engineering Procurement Services Kazakhstan has all the resources to participate in the full cycle of automation and power supply projects. A wide range of intelligent products “Engineering Procurement Services Kazakhstan” allows you to choose the most effective solution in terms of reducing operating costs, eliminating emergencies and improving the reliability of power supply.

All equipment passes acceptance tests according to technical regulations and customer requirements. The delivery of the equipment is accompanied by its installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Supply of equipment for 110kV and 220kV CRUS

Complete gas—operated switchgears (CRUS) are a set of switching measuring and other devices and devices, all the current parts of which are located in the gas environment under pressure, inside a non-magnetic grounded and sealed housing. CRUS are designed for equipment protection, electrical circuit switching, distribution and control of electricity with specified parameters.

The company “Engineering Procurement Services Kazakhstan” carries out the supply of CRUE for 110 kV and 220 kV voltage, design of substations using CRUE, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance of CRUE.

Supply of equipment for 110 kV and 220 kV air insulated switchgears

Switchgears with a voltage of 10(6) kV have two fundamentally different design versions. Sliding-type switchgear, in which a power switch with a drive is located on a pull-out element, and stationary-type switchgear (CSR), in which the switch and drive are installed permanently.

Extendable switchgears are manufactured with a pull-out trolley that is moved directly across the floor of the control room and a cassette type – the module is rolled out onto a service trolley.

Supply of equipment for distribution devices of medium and low voltage 0.4 kV, 10 kV, 35 kV

Medium voltage cells are necessary for electricity distribution and network protection, for this purpose switchgears equipped with air or gas insulation are used. Medium-voltage switchgears are used in the operation of thermal and nuclear power plants, industrial substations and large consumers of electric energy.

Engineering Procurement Services Kazakhstan supplies equipment for medium and low voltage switchgears
0.4 kV, 10 kV and 35 kV in Kazakhstan.

Supply of equipment for relay protection, automation of substations

Relay protection is a set of many devices designed to detect and disconnect the damaged area from the general electrical network as soon as possible in order to maintain the normal operation of the entire remaining power system.

The purpose of relay protection is to quickly disconnect the damaged section of the power system to ensure the safety of rather expensive equipment. After all, if a short circuit is not eliminated in time, then damage and even destruction of equipment worth millions of dollars is possible.

EPS Kazakhstan supplies equipment for relay protection and automation of substations.

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To place an order for the supply of equipment, you must leave a request on the website in any form convenient to you or contact us in one of the convenient ways (by phone or via email).

Payment of the order takes place after the signing of the contract by both parties involved (the contractor and the customer).

The equipment is delivered within 7 calendar days from the date of signing the contract (unless otherwise specified in the contract).

The manufacturer's warranty is valid for all supplied equipment (the warranty period varies, and depends on the specification of the brand and model). You can find out more details from our manager by phone or by ordering a callback.

Implemented projects

ООО «ЛУКОЙЛ Узбекистан Оперейтинг Компани

LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC

Supply, installation supervision and commissioning of equipment at the Adamtash KPT 10 kV field
ООО «ЛУКОЙЛ Узбекистан Оперейтинг Компани

LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC

Supply, installation supervision and commissioning of equipment for the Adamtash UPS 80 kW uninterruptible power supply cabinet
АО АРЭК Нур-Султан ПС 110/20 кВ Олимп ЩПТ Benning

JSC AREK Nursultan PS 110/20 kV Olympus WHOLESALE Benning

Delivery, installation supervision and commissioning: Charging and rectifying device D400G220/48 (60) BWru-PDG

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